Oppose Nitika Khrushchev

Oppose Nitika Khrushchev

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English Translation: "From political point of view, from philosophical point of view, from logical point of view, completely oppose Nitika Khrushchev"

The wordy title of this poster illustrates just how convoluted the political ideologies of the Cultural Revolution era were in China. The image shows people from different walks of life, including soldiers, peasants and workers, coming together to paint a poster of the type used to condemn people as anti-revolutionary during so-called "struggle sessions", where people were verbally and physically assaulted in public for allegedly improper ways of thinking and behavior. After Stalin's death, his successor Nikita Khruschev became a byword for "revisionism", or deviation from Stalinist orthodoxy, after he denounced some aspects of Stalin's regime.

42cm x 30cm (16.5in x 12in)

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